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Bees Knees Preschool Program

Coming Fall 2017… Happy Scholars Preschool is changing its name to Bees Knees Preschool!  The same great program and staff are still here – Just a new name!


Preschool is a time of brain development and learning to love learning, Bee’s Knees Programs staff are trained to assist the inquisitive independent minds of young children in a supportive caring environment.

Bee’s Knees Programs offers a balanced Preschool curriculum with developmentally appropriate practices. Our program supports learning foundations of local school districts common core standards. Our goal of developing well-rounded lifelong learners is supported through a variety of teaching techniques to enhance a variety of learning styles, developing critical thinking, math concepts and artistic appreciation. Developmental milestones are achieved through interactive science/ STEM, social emotional and physical fitness curriculum. Language arts, phonics programs are implemented through physical activities and practical fine motor development. We have adopted Zoophonics, Handwriting Without Tears, Mathematics Their Way, DECA and Second Steps as guidelines for our preschool classes.

Bee’s Knees Programs staff brings a passion for education - Supporting well-rounded, hands-on positive learning experience to createa lifetime love of learning.

Children must be completely responsible for their own bathroom needs.  Children must meet the age requirement as of December 1, 2017.

Registration Information

General registration for everyone begins July 12 for Session I ONLY.  Registrants in Session I will receive priority registration for Session II.  If space is available after priority registration, registration for Session II will open to the public beginning on September 28.

Session I (online registration permitted)
General Registration:  Begins July 12

Session II (all registrations must be processed in-person)
Priority Registration:  September 25-27
General Registration:  Begins September 28


San Ramon Community Center at Central Park

Bees Knees Open House
Come visit on July 26, 12-3pm, for a chance to meet the teachers, visit the classroom and more!
Wed      7/26       12:000pm-3:00pm

Bees Knees Parent Orientation
All parents/guardians should attend the mandatory orientation prior to the start of the session.
Wed      8/16       7:00-8:00pm       

Program Opportunity

  • Superior Academic Foundation
  • Theme Based Curriculum
  • Introduction to the Zoo-phonics Program
  • Fine Motor and Sensory Development
  • Introduction to Handwriting Without Tears
  • Encouragement of Independence
  • Encouragement of Unique Gifts and Talents
  • Students are encouraged to see themselves as Readers and Writers

Philosophy and Mission
To provide an exciting and fresh academic approach to a preschool program that is fun and stimulating that gives students the confidence to succeed in any educational setting.

  • High value at a reasonable cost
  • 8:1 student to teacher ratio
  • An educational setting where students form the foundations necessary to be ready to learn
  • Educational opportunities to learn preschool foundations in math, language arts, social studies, art, music, science, and physical education
  • Individualized “teachable moments” for each child, based on each child’s individual needs
  • Regular parent advisories via email/daily classroom updates
  • Curriculum aligns with Preschool Foundations and Common Core Standards
  • Affordable, Highest-Quality Program Available
  • Artistic Expression and Music Awareness

About the Instructor

sbarkerinstructorKim Zmarlza has had extensive teaching experience with much of her practice occurring in the East Bay area. She has worked as a lead Preschoolteacher for many years and as a Para Professional for children with disabilities in the Dublin Unified School District. She is also an advocate for individuals living with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

Kim’s background is in early childhood education. She has worked with children and their families for over twenty years sharing learning experiences with children, helping them to explore the world around them and to grow intellectually. Kim believes preschool is full of exploration and new experiences for the students and their families. This passion is what drove Kim to move from being a lead Preschool Teacher to taking on the excitement of
overseeing all of Happy Scholars.

If you’d like to contact the instructor regarding Happy Scholars, please email her at: Beeskneesprograms@gmail.com




Age 3                     8:30am-12:00pm

16 Classes            $559(R/GO)/$699(N)
Session I:  Tue, Thu                         8/29-10/19          Act#105028
Materials Fee:  $50 for all students

Session II:  Tue, Thu                        10/24-12/21        Act#105029
Materials Fee:  $50 for new students/$40 for continuing students
No Class 11/21; 11/23


Age 3 & 4             1:15pm-4:15pm

31 Classes            $929(R/GO)/$1,162(N)
Session I:  Mon-Thu                        8/28-10/19          Act#105030
Materials Fee:  $60 for all students
No Class 9/4

32 Classes            $959(R/GO)/$1,199(N)
Session II:  Mon-Thu                      10/23-12/21        Act#105031
Materials Fee:  $60 for new students/$50 for continuing students
No Class 11/20-11/23


Age 4                     8:30am-12:30pm

23 Classes            $919(R/GO)/$1,149(N)
Session I:  Mon, Wed, Fri             8/28-10/20          Act#105026
Materials Fee:  $60 for all students
No Class 9/4

22 Classes            $879(R/GO)/$1,099(N)
Session II:  Mon, Wed, Fri            10/23-12/20        Act#105027
Materials Fee:  $60 for new students/$50 for continuing students
No Class 11/10; 11/20; 11/22; 11/24


Get Ready for Pre-School

Instructor: Michelle Keenan
This is a class to help tots transition into an actual pre-school setting. Parents stay with their children and help them experience what it's like to be in pre-school. We will have circle time, art time, reading/letters and numbers activities, snack time, play time, cooking and science activities.  Students will practice skills in small group settings and have some one-on-one time with the teacher.  A $30 materials fee includes early readers, worksheets, science/art materials used in class.

Ages 2 - 3
14 Classes            $269(R/GO)/$337(N)
Dougherty Station Community Center
Mon 9/11 - 12/18             9:30am-11:30am              Act #105367
No Class 11/20

Letters and Sounds

Instructor: Michelle Keenan
Explore the alphabet while having fun learning about each letter and its sound. In a gently structured environment we have hands-on play, engaging arts & crafts activities. We will use Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program to include vocabulary development and articulation, based on phonics and phonemic awareness. Students receive activities to extend their learning at home each week. This class is a great accompaniment to Numbers and Shapes. Please note: Parent participation is required. No unpaid siblings allowed unless under age 1 and held/carried in a pack by parent.  A $25 supply fee for materials is payable to the instructor at the first class.

Ages 2 - 4
13 Classes            $139(R/GO)/$174(N)
San Ramon Community Center at Central Park
Fri 9/8 - 12/15    9:15am-10:00am              Act #105368
No Class 11/10; 11/24

Numbers and Shapes

Instructor: Michelle Keenan
Explore numbers and shapes in a gently structured environment where we have hands on play, engaging arts and craft activities and make a numbers and shapes book. We review counting, number and shape recognition, charting, geometry, and more. This class is a great accompaniment to Letters and Sounds. Please note: Parent participation is required. No unpaid siblings allowed unless under age 1 and held/carried in a pack by parent.  A $30 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the first class. 

Ages 2 - 4
13 Classes            $139(R/GO)/$174(N)
San Ramon Community Center at Central Park
Fri 9/8 - 12/15    10:45am-11:30am            Act #105369
No Class 11/10; 11/24





Instructor: Kindermusik with Miss Lindsay & Friends, Inc.

Join your child on the musical adventure built to last a lifetime! In Kindermusik, you will be part of a community that celebrates your child through singing, dancing, movement, and instrument play. Choose the class that is right for you, whether you are looking for a class for your baby, toddler, preschooler, or the whole family!

12 Classes            $240(R/GO)/$300(N)
San Ramon Community Center at Central Park

Kindermusik village: Feathers & Do-so-do

It's never too early to give your baby a musical start! Come experience the delight of watching your baby learn and grow in Kindermusik's baby classes. First, we'll enhance your growing parent-child bond as we teach your baby bird to sing in 'Feathers' Then, you'll get to strengthen your baby's brain through rousing group dances like the tango, cha-cha, and Charleston in our 'Do-Si-Do' mini-session. Along the way, you'll meet other moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers who love their little babies just as much as you love yours, and you'll have access to your own personal child development expert who can help you understand the how's and why's of your baby's development.
$46 materials fee (required) is payable at
www.EastBayKindermusik.com on or before the first day of class and includes CD, book, and instrument.

Ages 1 - 18 months
Fri 9/22 - 12/22  9:30am-10:15am              Act #105371
No Class 11/10; 11/24.

kindermusik wiggle & grow: colors & shapes on the farm

Join your child on a musical adventure to last a lifetime! Kindermusik's Wiggle & Grow program is a super-fun, music-filled learning experience that celebrates the unique joys of the energetic two- and three-year-old. Each week, you'll be part of a community that celebrates your child through singing, dancing, movement, and instrument play activities that are designed to strengthen your child's brain, teach social skills like sharing and turn-taking, and cultivate a love of music and literacy. This semester, we'll add a splash of color in 'Colors & Shapes on the Farm', race our cars in 'Go, Go, Go!', and play on the swings in 'Let's Play!'.
$33 materials fee (required) is payable at
www.EastBayKindermusik.com on or before the first day of class. Parent participation required.

Ages 1 1/2 - 3 ½
Fri 9/22 - 12/22  10:30am-11:15am            Act #105372
No class 11/10; 11/24.

kindermusik laugh & learn for families: around the farm

Our Kindermusik classes for families engage your child's natural love of songs, instruments, movement, and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts. Thoughtfully sequenced lessons include all kinds of learning opportunities and are designed to boost your child's independence, social-emotional skills, early language and literacy, and self-control. In class, your child will sing, listen, experiment, play, and dance as we move like farm animals in 'Around the Farm,' boogie down to a Wheels on the Bus rap-n'-roll song in 'On the Go,' and play in an imaginary park in 'Let's Play!'. As for you, you'll connect with other parents who are navigating the complexities and wonders of these busy early years, and you'll get ideas for how to use music to simplify and smooth your routines at home.
$33 materials fee (per family, required) is payable at www.EastBayKindermusik.com on or before the first day of class.

Ages 1 month - 5 years
Fri 9/22 - 12/22  11:30am-12:15pm            Act #105373
No Class 11/10; 11/24.