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The After School Enrichment classes are conveniently timed so students can attend immediately after school. Students who are attending an After School Enrichment (ASE) class should go to their ASE class location directly after school.

If your child attends the Growing Room, please send your child directly to the class or have an authorized adult sign out the child and bring him/her to the class. Some instructors are able to pick–up from the Growing Room by request, please see the individual course descriptions for availability. All instructors will bring children to the Growing Room at the end of class if requested.

For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.


Guitar 1
Learn to play the guitar in this entry level class for beginners who have never played before. Participants will play familiar tunes and get comfortable with the instrument while learning basic chords and tablature. Bring a guitar. $10 supply fee.

Room Location: E5
Debra Knox
Grades: 3-5
Dates: 2/2-3/30 * No class 2/16 & 3/16
Time: 3:15pm-4:15pm
# of Classes:  7
Fee: $165(R/Go)/$206(N)|
Act #: 92963

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Chess is fun and easy to learn! If you are new to chess or polishing your skills, come develop your understanding and enjoyment of the king of games!  Lessons and play combine the skills of thinking with the thrill of sport. Berkeley Chess School has been teaching State Chess Champions since 1982.

Room Location: E4
Berkeley Chess - School
Grades:  1-5
Dates: 2/2-3/30 * No class 2/16 & 3/16
Time:  3:15pm-4:15pm
# of Classes:  7
Fee: $130(R/GO)/$163(N)
Act #:  93308

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Mad Science: Wacky Wonders
Come explore the science behind everything around us! We will learn the science behind optical illusions, magic tricks, and movie effects. We will discover how and why the toys we all know and love work the way they do. We will use science to explain how we can stay connected with friends and family over long distances. Help us use science to solve the mystery of chemistry! With hands on activities we will explore mysterious mixtures and surprising solutions. We will need to put our mystery solving skills to the test as we use science to solve the mystery of Mr. Baker's stolen cookie recipe. After we help solve this tasty mystery, we will learn about the science of our taste buds and get interactive experience with blind taste tests! As we discover the science around us, you will take something home with you after every class to help you continue your investigations at home!

Room Location: MPR
Mad Science of Mt. Diablo
Grades: 1-5
Dates: 1/27-3/3
Time: 3:15pm-4:15pm
# of Classes: 6
Fee: $127(R/Go)/$159(N)
Act #: 93288

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No Classes


Academic Writing
Students will learn the art of writing essays in line with the common core curriculum. Depending on their grade level they will write three and five-paragraph essays as required by most schools. In addition to planning and outlining their essays, students will learn how to write appropriate topic sentences and powerful thesis statements will be discussed. Older students will write their essays using Modern Language Association (MLA) format.

Room Location: E4
Jyoti Yelagalawadi Lekha Ink
Grades:  3-5
Dates:  1/29-3/26 * No class 3/19
Time:  3:15pm-4:15pm
# of Classes:   8
Fee: $200(R/GO)/$250(N)
Act #:  93472

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Hip Hop Dance
A high energy class! Learn the newest trends in hip hop. Master fun and funky moves to the latest hip hop music. Class begins with a warm up, across the floor progressions, and culminates with an energetic hip hop dance routine. The last day of class will be a performance.

Room Location: MPR
Studio 8 Dance Staff
Grades:  2-5
Dates:  1/29-3/26 * No class 3/12 and 3/19
Time:  3:15pm-4:15pm
# of Classes:   7
Fee:  $112(R/GO)/$140(N)
Act #:  92869

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New! LEGO Engineering: Chima
Instructor: Play-Well TEKnologies Chose a tribe a grab the CHI in Chima Engineering! Race your Speedorz to earn the Golden Orb, build the CHI Temple with a moving waterfall, and scoop your way to victory with the Eris’ Eagle Interceptor. Explore the fantasy world of Chima with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well

Room Location: Classroom A4
Instructor: Play Well Technologies
Dates: 1/30 - 2/27
Times 3:15pm-4:45pm
# of Classes: 5
Fee: $155(R/GO)/$194(N)
Act #93234

For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.