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The After School Enrichment classes are conveniently timed so students can attend immediately after school. Students who are attending an After School Enrichment (ASE) class should go to their ASE class location directly after school.

If your child attends Kid’s Country, please send your child directly to the class or have an authorized adult sign out the child and bring him/her to the class. Some instructors are able to pick–up from Kids Country by request, please see the individual course descriptions for availability. All instructors will bring children to Kids Country at the end of class if requested.

For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.


LEGO Engineering
Students take on real-life engineering challenges that explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical and structural engineering with over 100,000 pieces of LEGO® material. Designed by engineers, the curriculum challenges both new and returning students to reach the next level of engineering comprehension, all while having fun.

Room Location: Classroom 1
Georgia Rudderow- Play-Well TEKnologies
Grades:  1-5
Dates:  2/2-3/9 * No class 2/16
Time:  2:55pm-4:25pm
# of Classes:  5
Fee: $155(R/GO)/$194(N)
Act #:  93230

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Engineering for Kids- Industrial Engineering: A-Line Product
During the Industrial Engineering classes, students use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine efficient systems for production. Students explore foundational concepts of industrial engineering such as: assembly lines, safety, stamping, sorting and distributing materials. Students see just how fun and creative industrial engineering can be as they create their own ice cream factory and 3-D copies of designs. Materials fee of $50 payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

Room Location: Classroom 3
Engineering for Kids
Grades:  1-5
Dates: 1/27-2/24
Time: 2:55pm-3:55pm
# of Classes:  5
Fee: $100(R/GO)/$125(N)
Act #:  93331

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Let's Get Cooking!
A class that will teach you the basics of cooking and baking. We will also touch on organization and management in the kitchen. Plus the usage of some math used in most recipes. How about learning these life skills and at the same time taste the goodies. Come and let's have fun. Bring your aprons and get down cooking!

Room Location: Classroom Staff Lounge
Grades:  K-5
Dates: 1/28-2/18
Time: 1:50pm-2:50pm
# of Classes:  4
Fee: $135(R/GO)/$169(N)
Act #:  93302

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Public Speaking: Structure your Speech
The aim for this class is to have each participant write a well-structured engaging speech. Kids at this age usually find it challenging to organize their many! ideas. This class focuses in helping participants give a clear structure to their thoughts. Students study how to write speeches on different kinds of topics and for different occasions. They learn to write speeches on descriptive, expository, narrative, process, cause and effect types of topics as well as speeches for social occasions and ceremonies.  They practice speaking with confidence.

Room Location: Classroom 3
Ritu Khurana Bay Area Debate Club
Grades: 3-5
Dates:  1/28-3/25 * No class 3/18
Time:  1:50pm-2:50pm
# of Classes:  8
Fee: $160(R/GO)/$200(N)
Act #:  93484

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Mad Science:  Wacky Wonders
Come explore the science behind everything around us! We will learn the science behind optical illusions, magic tricks, and movie effects. We will discover how and why the toys we all know and love work the way they do. We will use science to explain how we can stay connected with friends and family over long distances. Help us use science to solve the mystery of chemistry! With hands on activities we will explore mysterious mixtures and surprising solutions. We will need to put our mystery solving skills to the test as we use science to solve the mystery of Mr. Baker's stolen cookie recipe. After we help solve this tasty mystery, we will learn about the science of our taste buds and get interactive experience with blind taste tests! As we discover the science around us, you will take something home with you after every class to help you continue your investigations at home!

Room Location: MPR
Mad Science of Mt. Diablo
Grades:  1-5
Dates: 1/29-3/5
Time:  2:55pm-3:55pm
# of Classes: 6
Fee: $127(R/GO)/$159(N)
Act #:  93445

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AnimatEd: Digital Art+Technology!
Learn how to create simple animated storylines using Scratch Animation! Exclusive curriculum by Tiny Techs Club lets your child experiment with Digital Art and Technology simultaneously! Bring out the creative side of your student with this easy-to-learn simple program from MIT! Create simple story lines using pre-installed images or create your own 'Sprites'. Learn to write scripts, incorporate sounds and much more! This class is a great way to introduce simple programming and animation to your student.

Room Location: Classroom 4
Vrinda Joshi
Grades: 2-5
Dates: 1/30-3/6
Time: 2:55pm-3:55pm
# of Classes:  6
Fee: $128(R/GO)/$160(N)
Act #:  93282

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For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.